What’s the Navajo clan system? just What this means to introduce your self in Navajo

What’s the Navajo clan system? just What this means to introduce your self in Navajo

Each clan arises from various areas of the Navajo country, using their meaning that is own and tale in it. (picture: grandriver/Getty pictures)

When it comes to Navajo people, presenting yourself is all about more than simply telling somebody your name, it really is about sharing in which you originate from.

Where you «come from» is not only the place of your geographical area, but more what describes you. For the Navajo people who comes from their clans.

The Navajo people’s life-style revolves around kinship or K’e, which comes from familial and relationships that are clan.

«K’e is just a thought that is unifying among the list of Navajo individuals,» stated Evangeline Parsons Yazzie, composer of «Dine Bizaad Binahoo’aah: Rediscovering The Navajo Language» and Professor Emerita of Navajo from Northern Arizona University.

«It started utilizing the individuals. It absolutely was a present for them by their deities,» she included.

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Navajo clans

A revered Navajo deity, created the Navajo people in Navajo culture, Changing Woman. Whenever she had been going to leave on her behalf journey back into the West, she gifted all of them with four clans.

“The clan is truly essential ourselves. for all of us to spot”

Grace Tracy, social liaison for Tsehootsooi clinic

The four initial clans for the Navajo folks are Kinyaa’aanii (The Towering House clan), Honaghaahnii (One-walks-around clan), Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water clan) and Hashtl’ishnii (Mud clan).

The clan system was Changing female’s way of telling the Navajo individuals who this may provide you with who you really are, stated Grace Tracy, social liaison for Tsehootsooi infirmary in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

«The clan is actually essential for all of us to determine ourselves,» she included.

Today, there are many more than 100 clans on the list of Navajo people. Tracy said each clan originates from various areas of the Navajo country, using their own meaning and a story to their rear.

The way the clans are employed

The Navajo individuals are a matrilineal and matrilocal culture, with every individual owned by four various clans. Initial clan is through the mother, second is the father, third could be the maternal grandfather together with 4th may be the grandfather that is paternal.

«just how this clan system is organized leads to the mother’s clan being carried ahead constantly, whereas the father’s clan rounds out after two generations,» in accordance with NavajoWOTD.com.

The Navajo individuals are frustrated from dating or someone that is marrying matching maternal and paternal clans.

Usually, Yazzie stated, whenever a young omgchat prices child comes into the world and presented to its mom, the caretaker greets the newborn by telling them their maternal clan, followed closely by the paternal clan.

«the caretaker concludes with, ‘In in this manner, you will be my child,'» Yazzie stated. «that is just what we are expected to do whenever our infant comes into the world.»

K’e and clanship unify the Navajo individuals, Yazzie stated, offering a feeling of belonging.

Each time a Navajo person presents on their own to a different Navajo individual who takes place to possess a number of associated with the exact same clans they do, those two become associated through clan.

«You develop familial relationships,» Yazzie stated.

Those relationships assist the Navajo individuals, particularly when these are generally out of the Navajo country.

«You need to establish your feeling of belonging the type of individuals you are presenting you to ultimately. Additionally, you might be telling them she said that you are Navajo.

Launching your self in Navajo

When a Navajo individual presents on their own it often starts by having a greeting.

Ya’at’eeh (Hello).

They transfer to their title.

Shi ei (name) yinishye (i will be called . )

After the true title, they introduce their four clans.

Mom’s clan nishli?

Father’s clan bashishchiin

Maternal grandfather’s clan dashicheii

Paternal grandfather’s clan dashinali

An English interpretation will be «we have always been (mom’s clan), created for (dad’s clan), my maternal grandfather is (maternal grandfather’s clan), my paternal grandfather’s clan is (paternal grandfather’s clan).

If somebody also originates from another history perhaps not area of the Navajo clan system, it is common training to substitute out of the clan for the expressed term showing that history, in accordance with NavajoWOTD.com.

The introduction is normally closed down with Ahehee’, which means many thanks or i’m grateful.

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